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We find ways for you to profit from Marketing.

Our story

A brief summary for you

More than seven years ago entrepreneur Iris Mitlacher has started to develop modern, performance-oriented marketing for entrepreneurs and companies.  That was the beginning of Clixbloom.

At Clixbloom our main focus is on Inbound Marketing and related technologies mostly for the internet.  Utilizing this, we want you to be able to increase the success of your company short- and longterm.

What makes us different

In order to realize your vision, you will get solutions from us that have been individually/custom made for you.  To start, we take an extensive look at your company and your goals.

We develop your marketing holistically and optimize it for performance. You will profit from our agile approach.  We love to discover (new) ways, to bring you results and improve them.

Furthermore, our international expertise gives you latest developments today.

Our Motivation

Activities for a better world

We care about the world. In our office we try to utilize any materials very economically. Our hoster for web sites uses only Green Energy.

A part of each project goes to charity. We support associations who are active for people, animals and the environment.

About the owner

Iris Mitlacher is an entrepreneur, marketeer, passionate technologist and strong advocate of performance.  You profit from her long-term, practical experiences with the internet.  Optionally, you may increase your chances in marketing/sales by utilizing our leading-edge solutions.

Iris Mitlacher has a Master of Science in Computer Science degree from an university in the USA.  She worked there at various places, including Silicon Valley and Redmond, Washington. A few years ago, she founded the marketing agency Clixbloom, in Hamburg.

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